Wet Installation Ready Made Pumping Stations

Wet Installation Ready Made Pumping Stations

Ready Made Pumping Stations are used for conveying the domestic and industrial wastewater generated in residential areas or facilities, where there is no sewage system and the Treatment Plants are far away from Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Wet installation submersible wastewater pumps with rails are used in Wet Installation Ready Made Pumping Stations for lifting the wastewater. To prevent clogging of the aforementioned submersible pumps due to coarse particles contained in the wastewater, Basket Grids and Penstock may be used as an option at the inlets of Ready Made Pumping Stations. All units and accessories that make up the Ready Made Pumping Station are shipped to the construction site as a compact plant in a pre-assembled form. Following the completion of required excavation work in the field, sewage and electrical connections are completed, and the plant is commissioned in a short period of time. Thanks to High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) housing, they can be used for many years without trouble. Potential failure and maintenance information can be communicated to the operator via optional SMS information system.

Uses of Pre-Assembled Pumping Stations

  • Municipalities
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and Holiday Villages
  • Villages and Towns
  • Seasonal Businesses
  • Public Housing Projects
  • Shopping Centers
  • Schools and University Campuses
  • Industrial Zones


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