Ready Made Pumping Stations with Solids Separation System

Ready Made Pumping Stations with Solids Separation System

Wastewater Applications:

Ready Made Pumping Stations are used to convey the domestic and industrial wastewater generated in residential areas or facilities, where there is no sewage system and the Treatment Plants are far away from Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Ready Made Pumping Stations with Solids Separation System run in a trouble-free manner, thanks to its patented design that does not require a grid. Odors and visual problems are eliminated. They offer an aesthetic and hygienic solution.

Flood Water Applications:

Ready Made Pumping Stations may be used to rapidly evacuate the water in areas where rain and flood waters accumulate. This way, life and property losses, as well as all material and intangible damages that might occur, may be prevented.

A special type of dry well submersible wastewater pumps are used in Ready Made Pumping Stations with Solids Separation System for lifting the wastewater. All units and accessories that make up the Ready Made Pumping Station are shipped to the construction site as a compact plant in pre-assembled form. Following the completion of required excavation work in the field, sewage and electrical connections are completed, and the plant is commissioned in a short period of time. Thanks to High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) housing, they can be used for many years without trouble. Potential failure and maintenance information can be communicated to the operator through an optional SMS information system.

Distinctive Features:

Patented design that requires no grid

Solids cannot pass through lift pumps, thanks to the patented design. In this way, the coarse particles you need to separate before the pump are no longer a problem, which eliminates the requirement of a grid structure

Minimum Odor Formation

Since there is no grid structure and incoming wastewater is not kept in the pumping station, you will not deal with any odor problems

Long Service Life

Scientific service life of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material is specified as 70 to 100 years. HDPE housing used in our Ready Made Pumping Stations comes with a 10-year warranty

Ease of Operation and Maintenance

Thanks to dry well pumps, the problems that may arise during operation can be solved easily, as well as carrying out the maintenance tasks within a very short period of time and without much effort


Lift pumps are hygienic, as they are not placed in wastewater. Pumps can be easily removed for maintenance

They do not pose risks to Occupational Safety and Health

Especially Hydrogen Sulfide and similar gases which are often found in pumping stations and may cause serious side effects; have been minimized and they are disposed in a way as to not disturb the operation staff through the ventilation within the system

Power Savings up to 30%

Since only pre-filtered wastewater that is free of large solids can pass through the pump, the large particle permeability is designed to be substantially smaller than that of conventional systems. This design renders better pump efficiency. Thus, substantial savings are provided in power and operating costs

Uses of Ready Made Pumping StationsMunicipalities

  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and Holiday Villages
  • Villages and Towns
  • Seasonal Businesses
  • Public Housing Projects
  • Shopping Centers
  • Schools and University Campuses
  • Industrial Zones


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