Packaged River Water Treatment Plants

These plants are usually used for producing clean drinking and utility water from surface and underground water in small and medium-sized scale settlements.

Packaged River Water Treatment Plants are designed and delivered on a turnkey basis in projects with tight space and time requirements for the purification of parameters such as turbidity, color, odor, taste and organic substances found in water, in accordance with drinking and utility water standards.

Depending on its water quality, the plant is made up of process units such as pre-chlorination, oxidation, physical treatment, chemical treatment, filtration, sedimentation, disinfection and sludge treatment. In order to provide hydraulic flow, gravity is made advantage of or intermediate pumping stations can be used according to the inclination of the area that the plant will be installed upon

Compact, modular and portable setup options provide ease of use. Additional modules can be easily integrated in order to increase capacity. They can be widely used at temporary places of use such as construction sites and camps.


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