Ozone Disinfection Systems

Ozone gas is produced by passing the oxygen gas (O2) in the air through a strong electric field and disintegrating its molecules, consequently inducing chemical reactions that produce O3 molecules in return. Dry air in the ambient, as well as oxygen-rich gases, can be used for producing ozone gas.

As oxidation capacity of ozone gas is extremely high, it can also be used for disinfecting water and eliminating organic/inorganic substances. Since ozone gas ultimately turns into oxygen and vanishes, it does not leave residues and the formation of any harmful by-products is minimal.

Some treatment applications where Ozonation Systems are used:

  • Disinfection in Drinking Water Bottling Plants
  • Disinfection in Drinking Water Treatment Plants
  • Iron and Manganese Oxidation
  • Organic Substance Removal
  • Oxidation of Nitrite to Nitrate
  • Color Removal from Wastewater
  • Odor Removal


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